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The Dirty Diaries

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My sassy sister at Popnography and I share a mutual distaste for Pete Wentz's greasy-haired, forgot-to-bathe style. In a promo video for his line of DKNY jeans, he admits that he's a dirty dirty boy. He says:

"The thing about me is I don't really ever take showers. So, the make-up stays on forever. It's just beautiful. My pillows just look fantastic...If you cut showers out of your day, you just have that much more time to sleep."

Yeah, yeah. Avoiding your shower is so punk rock!

Pete Wentz might change his tune if he read The Daily Mail's story about a woman who decided to go six weeks without showering or using any soaps, skin care products, makeup or cleansers. She spent over $4,000 a year on beauty products and was convinced that the number of chemicals she slathered on each day were not good for her health, so she quit cold turkey!

I'm not quite sure how the woman survived six weeks without brushing her teeth or a dab of eye cream. I will openly admit that I'm chemically dependent on my moisturizer and my moods rise and fall according to the amount of oil on my face.

The story is both fascinating and appalling--like a train wreck that you can't help but watch. In the before and after picture, she goes from glamorous mum to downright destitute. Sadly, even her own children didn't want to hug their malodorous mum.

Oddly enough, she reports some unexpected benefits to curbing her addiction to cosmetics. She reports that her skin looked fresher and brighter after not washing her face for a month and that her irritable bowel syndrome was coincidentally calmed.

But before you trash all of your grooming products, heed her warning:

"I'd never want to do anything like that again because not washing affects your friendships, family relationships and self-confidence," she says. "Thank goodness I work from home, otherwise it would most likely have had a detrimental effect on my career."

If that's not proof that a little moisturizer goes a long way, I don't know what is. Pete Wentz, I hope you were taking notes.

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