Accident Prone Sunglasses; More Jay McCarroll; Fall Picks; Viktor & Rolf Q&A

A budgie smuggler from Parke & Ronen's Spring 2007 Collection. 
New York Magazine bites back after Jay McCarroll's publicist denies that he's homeless and posts the transcript from Jay's interview. [NY Mag]


Do your sunglasses make you more prone to car accidents? Will this news make you trade in your Prada aviators for wrap-around Oakleys? Don't count on it. [Daily Mail] asks buyers from the 10 leading menswear stores in the country for their top fall picks. I hope you like plaid.  

V Magazines snags an impromptu interview with delicious, Dutch, design duo Viktor & Rolf. [V Mag]

A quick guide to who should wear short bathing trunks (or "budgie smugglers")—and more importantly, who should not. [Daily Mail]

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