Fashion Guinea Pig: I Lost my Botox Virginity

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According to Dr. Halaas, a shot of Botox can affect your
eyebrows. By paralyzing the overactive muscles in your forehead that
raise your brows and cause the wrinkles, the forehead smooths out.
However, depending on where the injections are placed, your brows can
be raised (usually good when done right) for a youthful, awake look or they can fall (bad) for a Cro-Magnon style brow.

When Botox first came out, you might recall the women all over LA who ran around looking like
terribly alert Vulcans because their eyebrows were raised to extremes.
That's why its important to see a reputable dermatologist or plastic
surgeon for your fix. Wrong placement could cause you to resemble a
geek attending a Star Trek convention.

Here's what getting Botox is like:

First, a topical anesthetic cream numbed the area. Once the
anesthetic worked its magic, Dr. Halaas made numerous injections across
my forehead with a tiny needle (no, it didn't hurt really). Once she
was done, I held ice to head and felt a bit like a beat up pin cushion.
In the end, I looked like a pubescent teen with blotchy red spots on my
forehead where the needle pricked me.

The aftermath:

Leaving the office, I understood why Upper East Side socialites always dashed for
their private towncars with Jackie O sunglasses and a scarf tied around their heads. You really don't want anyone to see your face for an hour after your shots. Because I'm not a socialite and I live in Brooklyn, I took the subway and I
didn't have large sunglasses or a scarf to conceal my
not-quite-clandestine date with the needle.

On the train, a woman gave me an all-knowing smile as if to say "Ooh
girl, I know what you did this afternoon." It felt like a gesture of
solidarity. But I still kept my head buried in the August issue of Out
with Nate Berkus on the cover. By the time I made it back to my
apartment the redness was gone and my secret was safe once

The Waiting Game

One of the misconceptions of Botox is that it works
immediately. Numerous curious friends have said "Oh, let me see!" However, it actually takes three or four days to take full effect, so my Swan unveiling will have to wait a couple more days.

Now that I've had the toxin mingling with my neurons for 24 hours, I have this strange sensation in the area where I shot up. It's like wearing on a light mud mask. It doesn't hurt and there's no sign that I received any injections, I'm just aware of my forehead and I know something is going on up there.

After just one day, the wrinkles are still there but it is
getting harder to raise parts of my eyebrows.
This stuff is definitely working. Was it worth the investment? Definitely!

Stay tuned for updates! I might even post before and after photos if you're lucky.

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