"Genius" Recap

Other celebrities the models hoped to emulate: Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie. What, no Louise Brooks or Olivia de Havilland? C'mon people!

Aside: what is with the phrase "X years in the industry", which
sometimes appears beneath contestants when they are talking on camera?
COAL is an industry. REALITY TV is an industry. Cutting hair is a

Spoiler: the winner of this week's golden hairdryer was Anthony,
the tall, quiet English guy. He'll get to style some model in a Nexxus
shampoo ad in Allure magazine. Have we mentioned yet that Nexxus is the
corporate sponsor of "Shear Genius"?

Shana: right after "Shear Genius" was over, the opening credits from
"Work Out" almost sucked us in, and we watched the first two minutes of
the show, right up until one of the trainers (the dopey Southern guy)

"you know there's a million andfive words in the English-speaking
language, and not one of them can describe what I was feeling at that

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