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Exclusive: A Sexy Remix of Kele Okereke's 'Closer'

Exclusive: A Sexy Remix of Kele Okereke's 'Closer'

On “Closer,” from Kele Okereke's sophomore album Trick, a female vocal begs her lover to “go easy on this heart, time to love or fall apart” before resigning herself to the fact that she still needs him close to her in the end. Now SoSuperSam has given the song a new dance beat.

As SoSuperSam, who DJs at West Hollywood's Soho House and other glamorous locales, explains of the remix: "I've been developing my skill set as a producer over the last couple of years, and I'm excited to finally share. Them Jeans mentored me through this remix, as I'm still learning the ropes. There's something new to learn every day. Hope to share more soon!"

Listen to the track here first!

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