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LISTEN: Here’s A Snippet Of Lady Gaga’s ‘Mary Jane Holland’


It looks like Gaga’s returned to form

As of yet, ARTPOP has been very much a mixed bag. "Applause" is alright; not worth much more a than a slightly enthused golf clap. "Venus" only just breaks the stratosphere; and "Do What U Want" makes me want to go to bed...or correct her spelling. There hasn't been that one breakout track--a "Bad Romance," a "Paparazzi," a "Judas," or even a "The Ege of Glory"--that makes me want to fork over my $9.99.

"Mary Jane Holland" might just be that track. Dark, delightfully bewitching, and driven by fierce vocals, the song has shades of "Mary The Night" and "Heavy Metal Lover" and that's a very good thing. While this might not be a chart topping single the way "Applause" was meant to be and though it lacks the impact of her more memorable singles, from what I can hear, "Mary Jane Holland" is solid track and hopefully a portent of what the rest of ARTPOP will sound like. But decide for yourself, listen to the track below:

ARTPOP comes out November 11.

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