Chvrches: Pop's Latter-day Saints

Chvrches: Pop's Latter-day Saints

Still lamenting the fact that the Knife went a little off the artsy-fartsy deep end this year? Enter Glasgow trio Chvrches, whose breakout song, “The Mother We Share,” boasts a title that’, suspiciously close to that of a popular Knife song. “It was totally accidental,” insists member Iain Cook. “We realized later on we’d kind of stolen the title.” Luckily, that’s all Cook, Martin Doherty, and singer Lauren Mayberry have stolen on their debut album, The Bones of What You Believe, (out Sept. 24) a bracing, sub-zero mix of Blade Runner synths and warm, earwormy melodies. Oh, and about that sorta douchey-looking Roman v? “We had this spreadsheet with hundreds of names and finally decided on Churches with a u,” Cook explains. “But pretty soon we started thinking, We can’t find ourselves on Google.” Now expect to find them everywhere.

Listen to "The Mother We Share" from The Bones of What You Believe:

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