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WATCH: Tori Amos's 'Flavor'

WATCH: Tori Amos's 'Flavor'

We never know what to expect from Tori Amos. Now, as she re-imagines a handpicked collection of songs spanning her entire catalogue with her 13th studio album, Gold Dust, we're wondering what else is up her sleeve. So far, in the official video for "Flavor," we see Amos walking around New York City, hanging with a tie-dyed reveler in Washington Square Park (along with some pigeons and kids doing some crazy moves). She looks badass as she applies lipstick in a motorcycle mirror, then joins a bunch of gender bending club kids on a street corner.

As the release tells us, Gold Dust is "produced by Amos with arrangements by long-time collaborator John Phlip Shenale, the new album features reworkings of songs in orchestral settings which Amos recorded with the renowned Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley." It's set to drop October 2.

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