WATCH: Stunning Music Video Combats Russian Homophobia

WATCH: Stunning Music Video Combats Russian Homophobia

With its frigid themes of Orthodox Christian imagery and dank, misty forests, the Finnish director Elias Koskimies (who bills himself as "E" in the credits) recently released "I've Only Just Begun," a strangely beautiful "music film" that highlights the struggle of LGBT discrimination in Russia and "everywhere."

The film tells the story of Venuz Vulgar, who is traveling with an entourage to St. Petersburg to free some imprisoned friends after Russian laws banned "homosexual propaganda." This seems a clear reference to the draconian state of minority rights in that country, especially following the Pussy Riot trial. Aside from the haunting visuals and poignant message, the film impresses because it was produced independently, with the directors own money and cast entirely of volunteers. Sandra Bernhard recently saw the six-minute flick and called it both "stunning" and "wonderful."

Check it out below:


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