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Will We Soon Be Dancing to the Octomom?


This could actually happen if Adam Barta has anything to say about it

There was a collective head jerk when people got wind that Nadya "The Octomom" Suleman was headed to the studio to record her first single. And then a second head jerk when people saw the cover art (naked Octomom and all.) Together with gay-pop musician Adam Barta, the two embarked on the project and by late summer plan to unleash their collaboration for the judgment of dance music consumers across the globe. Fresh out of their recording session, caught up with the two to ask them about the project.

OUT Magazine: How did the two of you connect?

Nadya "The Octomom" Suleman: Gina Rodriguez, who actually manages both of us, hooked us up. I did a couple words on a song of Adam's (Q&A) and they decided to set up doing a track together.

Adam Barta: We actually joked about doing a song together when she did the cameo on Q&A. Then she told us that she'd actually studied flute. We were blown away that she had perfect pitch and tone.

OUT: Nadya, you studied flute but have you done much singing before?

Octomom: Well, I'm always singing to my kids. Nothing like this, this was really fun.

Barta: When we were at Audiomaxx Studios in Cherry Hill, NJ, our producers said that they'd had seasoned artists who don't do as well. We have the most amazing producers on this project. We couldn't have a more amazing team for this, we've got multiplatinum producer Mr. Mig who has worked with Beyonce and Taylor Swift and Grammy nominated producer Mike Rizzo. The song is gonna be so hot!

OUT: Let's talk about the song. What can you tell us?

Barta: We're tentatively calling it "Meet Me On the Dance Floor." We actually wrote the lyrics in the studio on the spot. Nadya listened to the track over and over and came up with the lyrics.

Octomom: Well, Adam did a lot of it.

Barta: That's not true, you did just as much as I did. But it was some of the most fun I've had writing a song. The song is very party and of course we had to incorporate the number 8 in a clever way. It's about letting your cares go, going out onto the dance floor and just being sexy, being fun.

Octomom: Absolutely, people need to learn to let go in a fun party like way. Writing this song with Adam, I don't remember laughing so much in years.

OUT: How did you guys build a rapport to work together so well?

Barta: The thing is, we had a long road trip and got to bond, she's very intelligent but can be ditsy like a kid; she became like a sister to me. It helped to make the experience go smoother. We were doing Pilates on the floor.

Adam, you're maybe best known for making these amazing music videos. What should we expect from the "Meet Me On the Dance Floor" video?

Barta: I think we should pose that to the viewers. I'd like to ask them what they'd want to see in the video. I mean, we want to do something fun, sexy, and show Nadya in a mature light.

Octomom: Yeah, something elegant, party, and classic.

Barta: And lots of hot gay men dancing around. Maybe 8 of them.

OUT: People immediately reacted to the cover art as a cry for attention; was it?

Octomom: It has nothing to do with getting attention.

Barta: No more than Lady Gaga, or Adam Lambert, or any other artist who puts out controversial art for their fans. The trick is to deliver something that delves deeper than just the surface value. For this cover, it's not just about a guy holding someone's boobs with crosses in the background. If you really analyze it, what is it saying? I'm gay, holding a polarizing figure topless, exposed, surrounded by crosses. We're saying "come for us" - we're totally exposed, bare, and vulnerable.It's a celebration of being who we are.

Octomom: We are just trying to be our true selves as everyone should and not be ashamed of being unique and different. Embrace yourself and who you are - be proud.

OUT: Who's idea was it?

Octomom: It was a collaboration between all of us - Gina (our manager), myself and Adam.

Barta: We actually went through brainstorming and pulled "tear-sheets", which are advertisements that had the look and artistic feel of what we wanted. We sat around and discussed who inspired us and what we wanted to say with this cover, which I think really made a statement.

OUT: Obviously some people and religious groups will be offended, is that the point?

Octomom: No, I think it's cool. It's artistic and unique, which describes both of our personalities. It's gonna spark controversy because we aren't part of the norm. Even before I had the kids I was always a different. A lot of people haven't fully expressed their sexuality and aren't comfortable.

Barta: It's very meaningful and profound. In thinking of how to incorporate a really strong message, we came up with the crosses - which were in no way meant to be sacrilegious - but rather an expression of being bare, exposed, with only our beliefs. Jesus said "help the sick and poor" and "treat others as you would have them treat you". Anyone taking their time to attack someone else when they could be volunteering their time to help others is a hypocrite. This is totally a message Madonna has spread throughout her entire career. It's a message that the GLBT community fights today going after companies that are anti-gay. It's something we need to take back as a community. Religion is often used as a weapon against gay people. However, we need to remember, it's not intrinsically bad. There is salvation in loving and respecting each other.

Octomom: It's Sexy Party, so we want to show that fun side, artistic and different.

OUT: People have accused you of neglecting your children with all the things you're doing to make ends meet. What do you say to that?

Octomom: I do everything for my kids. They even got to listen to the track over the phone. One of my son's favorite artists is LMFAO, great dance music that you have to listen to so doing this song is another thing I get to share with them. I don't even bother expending any energy on my haters. I spend a lot of energy on my kids; I'm desensitized by negative people.

OUT: In the haters' defense, you've got a lot on your plate right now. Is it too much?

Octomom: Oh my god. I've got so much going on. But I always make time for my kids. I've got Octomom Home Alone, Save Every Day, a PayDay Loan, and Dial a

Adam: is so cool. People call us, it's totally confidential, ask us anything they want about music or gossip. It's awesome. There's a website and on the site there's the 800 number. You just register there and then dial our extension.

OUT: Is there anything you'd say to your kids right now?

Octomom:I would say to them what I've always said to them, I love you forever, I love you for always, always my baby you'll be.

OUT: When will we finally get to hear the track?

Barta: They are mixing it now, so September 4th on iTunes and some sneak peaks pushed out just before. I'll also be performing along with Olivia Newton John and others at Market Days in Chicago this August. See you there, boys!

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