Cazwell & Peaches, 'Unzip Me'

Cazwell & Peaches, 'Unzip Me'

It's no secret that, here at Out, we are huge fans of both Cazwell and Peaches. But the two of them together? Even better. Five reasons why we are digging their latest music video for the single, "Unzip Me":

  • The color scheme has this crazy Ecto-Cooler-meets-Skittles-meets-Cheshire-Cat thing going on. (Also, not to be pretentious, but we're loving the Dan Flavin-esque fluorescents.)

  • Whatever is being poured on those grapes at 1:07. (Radioactive Head & Shoulders, anyone?)

  • Peaches's eyelashes look like they've been given the Jazz Hands treatment.

  • Justin V. Bond seductively gorging Vself on a banana (as well as cameos from Amanda Lepore and Cherie Lily).

  • "You're legal, right? You got I.D.? Nah, I believe you... kind of."



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