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Smell this: Amanda Lepore's new perfume, "Amanda"

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How anyone could not want to look like one of the most recognizable transgendered people in the world -- what with those boobs and that hair and that nose -- is beyond us. But, if you're not one for the extremes and you only want to smell like a lady -- even if only on the weekends -- click your heels in excitement for the launch of Amanda Lepore's new fragrance, called -- what else -- "Amanda."

The scent was designed by award-winning perfumer Christophe Laudamiel of Les Christophs, who, after being so inspired by Lepore's fabu-ferocity, gave it to her as a birthday gift many years ago. And how does fabu-ferocity smell? As described on the website:

"The overall blond-woody structure of the fragrance is bolstered by a revolutionary new molecular structure, Orriniff(tm), that imparts a warm orris amber tone and provides a softening platform for real and beautiful floral extracts like Tuberose absolute, Orris butter, Violet, and Orang flowers. The achieved smooth, velvety whiteness reminiscent of Amanda's white and soft skin combines with elegant citrus inspired from an Italian Renaissance elixir to give the fragrance a golden shimmer that is reinforced with real silvers of Cristal(r) champagne. For quirkiness, there is a dash of cucumber and strawberry and a stroke of a red-lipstick accord."

Indeed. If that doesn't get the point across, it all comes in coffret lined with black satin and a bottle covered in over 1,000 Swarovski crystals. How much for such extravagance? A mere $995. But from someone who goes around claiming their vagina is famous, expensive and fine, would you expect anything less?

To purchase, click here.


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