Rostam Batmanglij Releases "Don't Let It Get to You"

Rostam Batmanglij Releases "Don't Let It Get to You"

He’s at it again! Rostam Batmanglij, multi-instrumentalist of indie darlings Vampire Weekend, debuted a new song on his Tumblr yesterday, and it’s…well, we're not quite sure we know how to classify it just yet. “Don’t Let It Get to You” sonically bangs into one’s head with Diplo levels of ferocity, turns around, and then meanders gorgeously along with all of the flute-centric tenderness of something plucked straight from the elusive Joanna Newsom’s discography.

Whether the record is for an upcoming project or simply an exclusive to his blog, we’re loving what Rostam’s bringing to the table. Now, if you’ll excuse us, there's some African tribal dancing that needs to continue happening, STAT!

Check out the song below, read Out's interview with Rostam here, and see him in last year's Out100.

Tags: Popnography

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