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Selena Gomez Premieres New Video

Former Disney princess hits the lights

'Snow White' Teaser Packs a Punch

If we were Julia Roberts, we'd be nervous.

Olsen Twins Vogue's Best Dressed

The media moguls grace the cover of the fashion mag's annual issue.

Gavin Creel Loves Kim Kardashian. Sort Of.

The Broadway star's latest blog post had us worried for a sec.

Madonna Gives Us Her 'Love'

The Queen of Pop's new single leaks.

Should You Accept Your Boss's Friend Request?

It's a modern-day dilemma.

'Glee' Brings Sexy Back

Glee’s going there. Again.

Conan O'Brien: Best Wedding Officiant Ever

The late-night host made television history, and warmed our gay little hearts in the process.

Rostam Batmanglij Releases "Don't Let It Get to You"

The Vampire Weekend-er releases a new song on his blog.