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Girlfriend! Lizzy Caplan

Girlfriend! Lizzy Caplan

Photography by Simon Perry

1. No, you would not wash your bra every day if you wore one, regardless of what you think.

2. Yes, I do know that a little Sonja will spice up every party, but the show could not exist without Ramona. I don’t want to argue about this anymore.

3. Thank you for introducing me to winter shorts. I honestly had no idea you could do that.

4. So, like, what percentage are open relationships?

5. Yes, I think Audra McDonald is a very special talent. No, I do not need to see her in concert.

6. Of course I’ll watch Postcards From the Edge with you again, if only to be reminded one more time that “it twirled up.”

7. I know I look nothing like her when I dance to Beyoncé. That doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to let loose every once in a while and -- wait, you know what? Just fuck off.

Bachelorette opens September 7. Save the Date, Caplan’s other new film, opens this November.

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