Inside Mexico City: White Spider

Inside Mexico City: White Spider
An abandoned Porfirian house. Office buildings. A parking garage. These are the disparate spaces in which the two-year-old art collective White Spider has mounted some of its 14-plus shows.

“We wanted to show how an art exhibition should be,” says Karen Huber, the group’s primary curator. Rather than leaving the artistic experience in prescriptive museums or pristine galleries, White Spider wants the viewer to take art with them.

White Spider invokes the gothic without being gloomy. In one show, called “Paleontología Fantástica” and held in a bare-bones town house, nine artists paired relics from the recent past—cell phones in amber, for example—with classically occult dolls covered in fur (pictured above).

Though born of a rejection of institutions, White Spider’s not above working within them; it put up a show of surrealist landscape painter Liliana Gálvez Heras’s work at the Museo de Historia Natural. Museum curators could only stand back and watch as White Spider spun its web.

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