Blurring The Lines Between Manmade and Mankind

Blurring The Lines Between Manmade and Mankind

Some say that since art is an extension of man and man is an extension of nature, then art is an extension of nature. Can the same be said for another of man's creations, technology? Stairs built into the side of mountains are one thing, but what happens as man and machine become ever closer? What happens when Google glasses become Google contacts and perhaps Google corneas?

These are questions you should keep in mind while viewing "Of A Technical Nature," a new exhibit at AMOA-Arthouse's lakeside location, Laguna Gloria, and that uses sculptures, paintings, photographs and video to shed light on the ways in which nature and technology have come together, forming a seemingly seamless new world.

As the show's introductory message says, "Here the lines between mankind and man-made are irrevocably blurred." And they will be from now until August 11, when the show closes.


Tags: Popnography

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