Need to Know: Artist Winston Chmielinski

Need to Know: Artist Winston Chmielinski

Images of Winston Chmielinski's work courtesy Envoy Enterprises

Winston Chmielinski’s first solo exhibition in New York, Ecstatic Skin, opened last week at Envoy Enterprises. And it's already receiving positive reviews for the 24-year-old gay artist.

As he explains about his work: "I make faces and figures which saturate the self-portrait beyond anatomical finality, as literalness can be morbid: tracing contours is like charting the dead, and I cringe at this causation -- of the unrest of ghosts. In two dimensions the premises of aliveness are restaged, whereupon muscular interplay infers, or even overrides, the dimensional body's vascular system; my upturning of anatomy has manifested thus in painterly spontaneity and exactitude."

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Tags: Popnography

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