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Boys Tell Sexy Secrets


Things get naughty at Judy McGuire's 'The Official Book of Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'n' Roll Lists' book release party


For years Judy McGuire has revealed many of her own sex secrets in herDate Girl column in the Seattle Weekly. But for her latest book, the New York City-based scribe decided to call on her dirty pals to reveal some of their own stories of how music shaped their lives--mainly their sex lives. At the The Official Book of Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'n' Roll Lists book release party last night in Brooklyn's Powerhouse Arena, McGuire invited many of those contributors to read from their lists.

We're impressed that she included an entire section titled "Gay Studies" that includes everything from "Norman Brannon's 5 Reasons Hardcore is More Homoerotic Than Emo" (a must-read) to "Supah-Stahs Who Like the Pole and the Hole"--which is a list of gay, bi, and trysexual guys and gals, naturally.

One of the most titillating lists from the section is from Rich Juzwiak. The Gawker writer also runs the pop culture blog Four Four and co-hosts "Pot Psychology," a web series on Jezebel, which turned into: Pot Psychology How to Be: Lowbrow Advice From High People. So, you might be able to guess: he's a pretty funny guy.

He read his list, titled: "Hip-Hop Songs Rich Juzwiak Masturbated Along To as a Teenager in the Early '90s (P.S. He's Gay!)," and it's one of the most honest, entertaining reads in the book. (But don't take my word for it, you should pick up a copy, since it really is a great big book of funny and enlightening lists that actually makes great BEACH READING, too!)

As Juzwiak explains in his essay/list:

"As a teenager in the pre-Internet days, I had to take whatever porn I could find, and that mostly came in the form of soft-ish straight porn magazines. I tried to get into the tits but mostly found myself gravitating to reader mail columns like "Letters to Penthouse," wherein there was explicit mention of penises and what guys did with them. Around the same time, I began listening to hip-hop and would get turned on listening to the explicit sex talk that sometimes popped up on the truly hard-core albums. It wasn't a big jump to begin consuming that like porn."

It turned out that Juzwiak dubbed many of the tracks on one single mixtape, which included such things as NWA's "Findum, Fuckum, and Flee," which had the choice lyric: "Take a ticket to play with it like a Slinky/ So put your lips on my big chocolate Twinkie." And Hi-C's "Froggy Style," with its sample couplet: "I won't quit until my nuts are numb/ I'm gonna hump your booty until I cum."

So, as we discuss the profound affect of Frank Ocean discussing his love for a man and other hip-hop and R&B artists willing to open up about their sexuality. It's important to note that black music, as a genre, has been inspiring gay boys for decades.

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