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The 5 Biggest Gags of the 2019 Golden Globes

The 5 Biggest Gags of the 2019 Golden Globes

The 5 Biggest Gags of the 2019 Golden Globes

Little Monsters, are you OK?

Hollywood's (second) biggest night, the Golden Globe Awards, certainly didn't disappoint when it came to shocking, hilarious and baffling moments. If you weren't glued to your screen for the entire telecast, which ran about 3.5 hours but felt like 12, you might have missed the watercooler moments everyone will be talking about as they hit their Juul pods. Thankfully, OUT has you covered with the five most gag-worthy moments from this year's ceremony.

Glenn Close beats Lady Gaga

Even those of us who didn't feel that Gaga's performance in A Star Is Born merited a Globe were shocked when she lost to Glenn Close, who took home the trophy for The Wife. Apparently, those 99 people who didn't believe in Gaga were all HFPA members.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace wins big, gets political

Ryan Murphy's exploration of Versace's murder won for Best Limited Series (I'm so sorry, Sharp Objects) and executive producer Brad Simpson reminded America that the hate that led to the designer's murder is not a thing of the past. "As artists we must fight back by representing those who are not represented by providing a space for people with new voices to tell stories that haven't been told," he said while accepting the award. "As human beings, we can resist in the streets, resist at the ballot box. and practice love and empathy in our everyday lives. Our show is a period piece, but those forces are not historical. They are here, they are with us, and we must resist."

Olivia Colman wins for The Favourite, is a boss

Olivia Colman has hands down the best acceptance speech of the night, calling Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz "my bitches" as she accepted the award for playing a literal lesbian queen.

Sandra Oh!

In theory Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh hosted the Globes together, but there was no doubt that this was firmly Oh's show, even forgetting that she took home an award for her role in Killing Eve. During the opening monologue, Oh vacillated between making us cackle by calling out Lady Gaga's "99 people in a room" bit and giving a sincere message about the power of her presence. "I'm not fooling myself. Next year, it could be different. It probably will be," she said. "But right now, this moment is real. Trust me, it is real. Because I see you, and I see you -- all these faces of change. And now, so will everyone else."

Queer erasure wins big

Darren Criss continued his winning streak for his role in Versace but failed to mention the queer characters he's made his career off of in his acceptance speech, even after announcing he'd no longer accept gay roles. And both Rami Malek and Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King failed to mention Freddie Mercury's queerness during their respective acceptance speeches, unless you count that throwaway mention of inclusion. Shady, boots.

See you at the Oscars!

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