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5 Things We Learned From Troye Sivan’s EW Interview

5 Things We Learned From Troye Sivan’s EW Interview

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With his upcoming album, Bloom, only a week away, the budding popstar spilled it over a few rounds of drinks.

As he continues to flourish in his position as a young artist, Troye Sivan has been turning an increasing number of heads. It's not just his music, the kind of mood-driven pop the contemporary scene needs, but his embracing of his status as a queer icon and role model.

In a new interview withEntertainment Weekly, the "Bloom" singer took Marc Snetiker to one of his favorite LA bars for some casual cocktails and a little tea - here are some highlights.

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He leans on other young queer artists in the music industry.

Sivan called people like Kehlani, Kevin Abstract, and Perfume Genius "exciting," saying, "There's a bunch of really inspiring people who are doing amazing things in music."

He counts Lily Allen & Amy Winehouse among his inspirations for keeping his Twitter humorous.

"I like to look to Lily Allen for that all the time. People used to ask me about my inspirations and I would say Lily Allen. Her music sounds not like [mine] at all, but it was just her wit and her lyrics and not being afraid to take the piss a little bit in a lyric. Same thing with Amy Winehouse. She as always super cheeky and I just love her."

His parents know what "Bloom" is about.

"I literally pretend it's not happening," Sivan said, when asked how he deals with his parents listening to his sexually suggestive songs. "I don't think my parents know the lyrics to any of my songs, so I just kind of put faith in that and hope for the best." But what about knowing specifically that "Bloom" is about sex, you ask? "Well, now they do because everyone and their mum has talked about it. But whatever!"

He stans Ariana Grande as much as we do.

When asked about his most recent wow-this-is-my-life moments, Sivan said: "Number one is performing with Taylor Swift at the Rose Bowl [in May]. That was crazy and overwhelming just because it's Taylor Swift and it's the Rose Bowl, with 60,000 people, which is the biggest crowd I've ever played for, and we were singing my song. That's a moment where, had I been able to fast-forward into the future as a 15-year-old and seen that, I would have just literally cried uncontrollably. Shooting the 'Dance to This' video with Ariana is another one. When you see Ariana being Ariana Grande, when she turns it on and does the whole pop star thing, it's so incredible to watch. She's just a legend. And the last one was seeing the trailer for Boy Erased, the movie that I'm going to be in, and hearing my songs from the soundtrack underneath these incredible performances by Lucas Hedges and Nicole Kidman. That gave me chills."

Nicole Kidman may be a fan!

"I'm... not sure! She said in an article that she and Keith [Urban] are fans. And I was really gagged by that. I just don't know if it's true or if she was just being really nice."

Read the full EW interview, here.

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