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Another Transparent Cast Member Has Accused Jeffrey Tambor of Sexual Misconduct

Another 'Transparent' Cast Member Has Accused Jeffrey Tambor of Sexual Misconduct

Rain Valdez, a trans actor who worked on Transparent as a Director’s Assistant and Coordinating Producer, has come forward to accuse Jeffrey Tambor of further sexual misconduct on the set of Amazon's celebrated show. In a statement made on Twitter, Valdez shared the story of how Tambor kissed her without consent and supported Transparent star Trace Lysette's 2017 claims about her own altercations with Tambor, as well as those of Tambor's former assistant Van Barnes.

Valdez was prompted to share her story after the Hollywood Reporter published a sympathetic profile of Tambor earlier this week ahead of the new season of Netflix's Arrested Development.

“I want to declare again that I believe my sisters Trace and Van. I continue to stand with them 100% and I will do anything I can to help stop the vilifying because we’re done with that,” Valdez wrote, adding, “We’re done with the lies and no pity party article is going to change that.”

In an op-ed for Huffington Post, Transparent recurring guest star Alexandra Billings wrote, "I don’t know of any other man who has been accused of these charges and yet who is simply moving on to the next job. Not one other man. But you see this man harassed transwomen, and that makes a difference. This man treated these transwomen the way most males treat us: like a fetish. Disposable. Amusing. Sexy. Replaceable...If Trace and Van were cisgender women, and Jeffrey Tambor had been accused of sexually harassing them, what would be different?"


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