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Robbie Turner Finally Speaks Out On Whether Or Not The “Fatal” Crash Happened

Robbie Turner Fatal Crash

After much speculation about the Robbie Turner controversy where she Tweeted about her near-death experience involving an Uber crash, she finally released a statement on whether or not she actually lived through the traumatic experience.

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In an Instagram post from the weekend, she wrote, alongside a picture of a flower, that the incident—where she claimed her Uber driver died while she survived a drunk-driving crash with only a few minor injuries—did not happen, but rather was a "vivid" dream. Immediately following the incident, the queen’s employer explained that she would be taking time off to help with her mental recovery, and this post explains that further.  

Read her Instagram post below.



Much public attention followed my recent posts on social media. These were posts I regret sharing. I don’t remember much of that night, including leaving my place of employment. I do recall waking up bruised, disoriented, sore, and with an extremely vivid recollection of events that had, to my mind, absolutely occurred. It is clear to me that they did not, in fact, happen. The past few months have been very stressful for my family and I. The stress, depression, heartache and confusion during this time have overwhelmed me. On the advice of physicians and caring mental health professionals, I am taking a break from work and social media to spend more time with family and practice some important self-care. In addition, I apologize to Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s CEO, for naming a company I respect in such a negative public way. That’s not who I am, but it’s what I did, and I am sorry for it. I also extend my apologies to Queer Bar, as well as anyone who may have felt that my original post lacked sensitivity. For that I am also regretful. I appreciate the continued support of my fans and respect for my privacy during this time. I hope to take better care of myself, learn from this painful season and nourish what brought me joy about my art to begin with.

A post shared by Robbie Turner (@therobbieturner) on


As Gay Times also reported, this Instagram post had both support and derision (similar to the response from her initial Twitter rants). Many continued to accuse her of lying in the first place, but many offered their support. One comment reads, “Everything happens for a reason and sometimes we need something extreme to shake us to the core to present what is truly needed.”

We’re wishing you the best, Robbie.

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