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Beijing Film Festival Pulls Call Me By Your Name Amidst Possible Government Crackdown

Beijing Film Festival Pulls 'Call Me By Your Name' Amidst Possible Government Crackdown

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced this week that a screening of Call Me By Your Name has been pulled from the Beijing International Film Festival, likely due to increased government pressure and censorship of gay media. While homosexuality isn't illegal in China, but the country's conservative leanings often lead to government crackdowns.

"The pulling of Call Me By Your Name also comes as China tightens its grip on media content," Reuters reports. "Parliament this month voted to scrap term limits for President Xi Jinping and hand control over film, news and publishing to the Communist Party's publicity department." The festival organizer had no official comment.

China's conservative political atmosphere has in the past led to the cancellation of a LGBT conference in Chengdu last July and the shut down of lesbian dating app Rela.


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