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Call Me By Your Name Sequel to Take Place During the AIDS Crisis

Call Me By Your Name, Armie Hammer, Timothy Chalemet, Luca Guadagnino

While Call Me By Your Name focused on the microcosm of a small group of people, in a small Italian town, during a small Italian summer, its sequel will deal with the world at large, taking place during the height of the AIDS epidemic.

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During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Luca Guadagnino spoke about vague details of the critically acclaimed film’s successor. “I think it’s going to be a very relevant part of the story,” he said of the time period. “I think Elio [Timothée Chalamet] will be a cinephile, and I’d like him to be in a movie theater watching Paul Vecchiali’s Once More … That could be the first scene [in the sequel].” Once More (1988) was the first French film to address AIDS.

Such a somber opening would immediately sober any lingering summer feelings from the first film, shifting the tone moving into this next part of the characters’ lives. “In my opinion, Call Me can be the first chapter of the chronicles of the life of these people that we met in this movie,” Guadagnino said. “If the first one is a story of coming of age and becoming a young man, maybe the next chapter will be, what is the position of the young man in the world, what does he want – and what is left a few years later of such an emotional punch that made him who he is?” Read the full Hollywood Reporter story, here

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