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Gay Nerds Deal With Real & Fantastical Problems In New Web Series 

The Invincible Bunch, Kickstarter

Real life problems can plague gay men every minute of the day, even if they’ve been transported through space and time to a fantasy realm where they fight monsters through magical avatars. In a new proposed web series, The Invincible Bunch, five gay nerds learn valuable social and life lessons from one another while playing a tabletop roleplaying game in the back room of their local comic store.

Creators and producers of the series have set a $25,000 goal so they can create the first season of the series, which finds the common different walks of life trope in a rarely visited setting. According to their Kickstarter page, the show’s goal is to “create a series that features a diverse, inter-generational group of gay men,” and “produce an entertaining portrayal of RPG play that is fundamentally connected to character development.” 

Invincible Buch Characters

Distribution of the series’ fund goals would be dispersed amongst cast and crew, production and administrative costs, animated cut scenes to add a layer of flavor to the story, and post production. Donor rewards range from free totes and t-shirts to EP credit on IMDB. Watch the trailer and donate to the project’s Kickstarter, here

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