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5 Life Lessons We Learned from The Affair 

5 Life Lessons We Learned from The Affair

The Affair Showtime Noah & Alison

The show we've all been binge watching is entertaining and quite educational. 

Our calendars are marked on November 20th for the highly anticipated new season of The Affair, only on Showtime. The first two seasons of this gripping psychological thriller follow the consequences and ripple effects of Noah and Allison's affair. Told through multiple perspectives that interweave past and present-future, The Affair takes us down unexpected paths as we constantly search for what is truth and who can we believe.

Nothing that came before can prepare us for the unpredictable third season, and as we reflect on past actions and deeds, we realize The Affair has taught us "Five Important Life Lessons."

1. Two Sides to Every Story


Each episode of The Affair is told through unique perspectives that illustrate a different take on events, often making it unclear how certain moments objectively played out. On top of this, certain details such as clothing and location are different across each point of view. Alison may be wearing a skinny black dress in Noah's memory, yet in her own recollection she has on jeans and a sweater.

Lesson Learned: Every story has its own spin, and the person telling that story has control over which details are left in and which are left out. Thus when listening to the same story from different loved ones, we should always keep an open mind to each and every viewpoint.

2. Emotions Cloud our Judgment


In Season 2 we look deeper into the life of Helen, including a bit of her wild side. One of these unrestrained moments is when Helen takes a cannabis-infused candy before a hair appointment only to remember she has to pick her kids up from school. These reactions are understandable, since everyone needs an outlet for his/her emotions. Yet, as the season progresses we see that Helen's emotions distract her from noticing how certain details may affect the turn of events.

Lesson Learned: When we're more focused on finding an outlet for our emotions than considering the perspectives of others, we sometimes see ourselves as victims instead of accepting our own wrongdoings.

3. People can Change


There is no denying that Cole has his charm or that he has a strong passion for Alison. Season 1, however, leaves viewers questioning Cole's character, as many wondered whether this passion translates to anger and perhaps even violence. Yet with the introduction to Cole's perspective in Season 2, we are able to see Cole in a new light. We see him regretful of his past behavior, and perhaps even open for new opportunities at love.

Lesson Learned: Always be open to seeing the best in people, even if they have once forced us to question their morals.

4. Stepping Back is Okay


Noah is in the midst of a family crisis at the start of Season 2. Yet one could argue that he has everything he's ever wanted, and there is value in that. Although he has much on his plate, Noah takes time in Season 2 to pause and reflect on the current state of his life.

Lesson Learned: Don't get us wrong - this is not to say it's good to run away from your problems. Yet perhaps it is never wrong to step away from your typical field of vision and appreciate the beauty of the moment.

5. Fantasy Can Be Deceiving


Season 1 shows Alison and Noah fight desperately for their love to survive. The two fantasize about ignoring their responsibilities and giving in to their passionate feelings for one another. However, once Alison and Noah finally get together, the two achieve a new perspective on that fantasy. In Season 2 we see how real-world struggles can blur that initial passion, as it is difficult for Noah and Alison's relationship to live up to those intense feelings experienced during their first exchanges in Montauk.

Lesson Learned: There is danger in a fantasy that does not match up with reality. Though there is nothing wrong with fantasizing, we should always be aware of how our fantasies fit into the real world.

The Affair has given us valuable lessons on life, all of which are woven into the perspectives of each of the show's major characters. Season 3 will add another point of view to the mix, and we're anxiously awaiting to find out who - You don't want to miss the new season, which starts on November 20th, only on Showtime.

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