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Jeremiah Brent On Living Beautifully

Jeremiah Brent On Living Beautifully

Jeremiah Brent
Photo: OWN

The new host of Home Made Simple discusses interior design inspiration, love for his man Nate Berkus, and fatherhood.

"Isn't is so cozy in here?" says Jeremiah Brent as he settles in a tobacco-colored leather sofa. It's a misty day in Manhattan, and a fireplace warms the room at The Marlton Hotel, just a block away from Washington Square Park.

The 30-year-old interior designer, husband, and new father is not just the handsome husband to superstar interior designer Nate Berkus, but an esteemed interior decorator in his own right. The new host of the Emmy award-winning show Home Made Simplehas piercing blue eyes and a comforting smile. Born in Modesto, Calif., Brent lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, establishing his renowned firm, Jeremiah Brent Designs before moving to New York this past March.

He's wearing a neutral color palette and his wrists are accessorized with gold bracelets and a watch. Although unintentional, his aesthetic perfectly matches the room. "Good design is about who you are, who you have been, and who you want to be," Brent says, as if reading my mind.

Brent gets his hands dirty and builds alongside the family and makes sure they learn to have fun with design on Oprah Winfrey Network's interior design show. Not only are DIY projects shown as Brent and others re-create rooms for the particular needs of each family, but recipes and home organizational tips are featured as well.

"What I started to notice about the season was that the homeowners were really proud about what they were creating," he says. "And there's something to be said about when you build something with your own hands and you're proud of it. That was a real gift for me."

Throughout the series, Brent hosts with intentionality, authenticity, and the goal of always adding the homeowner's touch to each room. And it doesn't hurt that he's a natural for TV, with his blonde locks and good looks. "Your home is your final frontier. It's where you start and end your day," he says, and it's hard to disagree, his charisma is so persuasive. He continues: "The show for me is about gratitude. There's no rules to design. The only rule and my biggest piece of advice is to put you in the room."

Brent and Nate Berkus have been busy adding little bits and pieces into Brent's favorite room of the prewar duplex apartment on lower Fifth Ave in Manhattan: their 9-month-old daughter Poppy's room. Since relocating the couple has been creating their dream apartment in Greenwich Village. Smiling, Brent says, "There were a lot of moments standing in that room thinking of what our life would be as a family." With his eyes growing wider, he continues, "There's been so many beautiful moments in that space."

Instagram user nate berkus and Instagram user jeremiah brent

Photo Sources: Instagram @nateberkus | Instagram @jeremiahbrent

Brent and Berkus want to surround Poppy with pieces that reminded them of her -- like the pink elephant the couple picked up while shopping one day, or the pom-poms bought while they were in Peru. According to Brent, the two never argue when it comes to designing a space for their daughter. In fact, Brent believes they do their best work together.

Brent admits he never imagined himself as a father but having a child has expanded both of the design duo's aesthetics. "Having Poppy has given us a new pair of glasses," he says. "The way we look at the world is different and watching the world through our daughter's eyes has been the biggest change for me. It's a different type of beauty I wasn't expecting."

Brent is relaxed and present when speaking about moments with Poppy. Explaining why he stays so cool and collected he says, "Nate's been through so much and I've been through so much, so why sweat the small stuff?"

And one reason this father remains at ease? He finds solace in Nate's silent strength as a father. "Nate will always be my favorite thing in the world. He's my soul mate," Brent says, without an ounce of irony. "He's the perfect father, and I knew he would be. He's home base."

Brent hopes for more additions to the family, but for now, he enjoys creating for Poppy and the families of Home Made Simple. "I've learned so much from these people," he says, "Each person has taught me a different thing this season. And at the end of day, everyone just wants to live beautifully. And we got to leave the world a little prettier than it was before."

OWN's Home Made Simple airs Saturdays at 9 a.m. ET. Watch a clip below:

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