Five Ways to Beat the Post Holiday Blahs

Five Ways to Beat the Post Holiday Blahs

Lets face itan awful lot of workplaces go into holiday mode right after Thanksgiving. What with the 3-day weekends, the half-day-before-the-three-day-weekend, and the short-day-because-its-the-office-party day, its hard to get back to a five-day workweek with nary a holiday in sight. Here are some suggestions for chasing the post holiday blahs.

1. Rededicate yourself to your job.
2. Dont sweat the job; plan your next vacation.
3. Join a gym. Yes, it will be crowded with all the other get-in-shape for the New Year new members, but at least youll have some company.
4. Catch up with a friend over drinks. Emphasis here is on friends, not the drinking. You probably had enough of that last month.
5. Do somethinganythingnew. Take a class, get a pet, volunteer. Shake things up before you fall into a winter slump.

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