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Valentina Calls Out Drag Race Fans for Body Shaming Emmys Look

Valentina Calls Out Drag Race Fans for Body Shaming Emmys Look

Valentina Calls Out 'Drag Race' Fans For Body-Shaming Emmys Look

“[T]hese comments made me want to hide in a hole for something I can’t fix.”

Drag Racealum Valentina is calling out fans for their cruel body-shaming comments after her appearance on the Creative Arts Emmys red carpet.

While the stunning queen was walking the red carpet in a beautiful nude gown, fans decided it was fair to criticize her body, with detractors claiming that she looks "too masculine." Valentina, who identifies as both genderfluid and nonbinary, says she was hurt by the remarks.

"I've read comments on my body and masculinity tonight that have really hurt me," she responded in the comments section to the official Instagram account for Season Eight of RuPaul's Drag Race, which had posted a Getty Images photo of her Creative Arts Emmys look. Valentina added, "Calling me a man. Telling me my hips don't match my shoulders. It really fucking hurts."

Valentina said the comments brought her to tears and ruined her big night. The RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars contestant was at the ceremony celebrating the reality show's Emmy wins: which included Outstanding Host, Outstanding Costumes, and Outstanding Hairstyling.

"I was living such an Emmys fantasy but these comments made me want to hide in a hole for something I can't fix," she said. "I'm FUCKING human!"

Earlier this year, Valentina told U.K.'s Gay Timesthat she struggled for a long time living in the public eye as a woman and a specific character, but then going home to "take it off." Now she says she can be her whole self, saying she has the "heart of a woman without having any sort of discomfort or confusion with living in my male body."

"I just identify as either," she told the LGBTQ+ outlet. "I don't necessarily have to decide. I've put my foot down because this is who I am."

Valentina, who also appeared as Angel in Rent: Live earlier this year, has done a lot of work to love who she is and feel confident in her body. These comments stung, especially when they were coming from so-called fans of the show, but if her past is any indicator, Valentina will continue to rise above the drama and keep looking gorgeous wherever she goes.

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