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VINCINT - Dating Prep
Dating Prep

VINCINT's Most Awkward and Flirty Dates

Watch musician Vincint share how humor and spontaneity are the hottest traits in a date and how he preps when he goes out.

The following interview is part of Out's Dating PrEP series, in which notable experts from various fields offer advice on how to prepare for date. Watch the full series on

When asked if they were single or taken, GLAAD Media Award nominee VINCINT has a better response: “Annoyed.”

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking. And there are some important qualities VINCINT looks for in a partner.

“You have to be funny. You have to be able to make fun of yourself. Also, communication. I love a good communicator, and nothing else matters if you’re not open with the person that you’re with,” VINCINT shares.

Another important quality VINCINT looks for in a partner is spontaneity. A recent date of his turned into a swoon worthy romance.

“I was recently in London last year and met a boy. We grabbed a drink and he asked me to dinner, and then the next day he called me and asked me to go to France,” VINCINT says with disbelief before referencing one of the worst dates he’s been on where every conversation revolved around a certain Bravo show. “We didn’t talk about Real Housewives once.”

When looking outward to dating in general, VINCINT, who is also non-binary, has some great advice for what not to do on a date.

“Overanalyzing before you get to a date is a huge mistake. Looking at someone’s Instagram and viewing their friends is a mistake,” VINCINT starts. “Let that person reveal themselves to you before you decide to walk into it with this preconceived notion of who they might be, because then they’ll have expectations that won’t be met and they’re going to be disappointed. This person is probably great but you’ve already decided who they are.”

What VINCINT does recommend before going on a date is self-care, “I moisturize my entire body and listen to Beyonce when I’m doing it. I pop my PrEP in because we have to be safe,” VINCINT shares.

From moisturizing to taking PrEP, he understands that feeling your best puts you in the right space for going out and meeting new people.

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