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‘Monster’ Ed Buck Charged in Deaths of Black Men, Evicted From Home

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The news comes as the family of Timothy Dean calls for Buck to be charged in his case.

After being arrested earlier this month, Ed Buck, a political donor and failed politician, is being evicted from his home.

The West Hollywood residence is where the bodies of two Black gay men were found after they died from overdoses and where a third victim fled after allegedly being administured multiple large doses of methanphetamines by Buck.

The eviction comes amid calls that more charges be added to the 65-year-old's case.

"You are hereby notified ... the landlord in good faith deems your lease forfeited and you are to vacate the premises as described below three days after service on you of this notice," a letter stapled to Buck's door read.

The letter was uploaded to Twitter by Jasmyne Cannick, who has led the effort to bring Buck to justice. It goes on to say the accused is "engaging in, maintaining and committing conduct which is indecent, offensive, harassing and annoying to the senses and so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property by the owner of the premises and others, committing waste, all in violation of said lease or rental agreement." It was for these reasons that Buck was evicted.

Buck is currently in jail, having been arrested on September 17. At the time, he was charged with three felonies, which included maintaining a drug house, administering methamphetamine, and battery causing serious injury. These charges were based on a victim named as Joe Doe, who managed to escape after Buck reportedly injected him with two large doses of the drug, according to prosecutors.

Doe is the key to the case and was initially homeless at the time Buck was arrested, but through the work of Cannick and others, he is now living in a hotel as he begins his new job. He told the Los Angeles Times he met Buck on the app Adam4Adam, months before the drugging.

"For our community, a predator with a Jekyll and Hyde personality is now off the streets," president of the LA County Democratic Party Mark J. Gonzalez said of the arrest, according to The Wrap. "And it is due to the ongoing support and pressure from many activists and community groups including Black Lives Matter, Jasmyne Cannick and more."

But Doe was only one of many victims.

Following reports that prosecutors would add additional charges to Buck's case, on September 19, federal drug charges were also levied against him. These charges address the death of Gemmel Moore, who was found in Buck's apartment in 2017, as well as others. In Moore's case, Buck was charged with distribution of methamphetamine resulting in death, which has a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison and a maximum of life.

Federal court documents also describe Doe's case, as well as allegations by eight others. One accuser said that he fell asleep on Buck's couch and woke up tied down. He believed he was drugged.

Still none of these charges have been in connection with the death of Timothy Dean, who was found in Buck's home in January.

"We're extremely happy Ed Buck is off the street and can't kill or harm anyone else," Dean's family wrote in a statement released to press. "We watched the press conference of District Attorney Jackie Lacey the Sheriff take victory laps which we found appalling and shameful. They failed our brother and Gemmel Moore in every possible way. The evidence was there long ago before now."

"Mr. Buck was given special treatment because of his race and status and that is shameful," the family continued in their statement. "... This monster Ed Buck killed our brother Timothy Dean, and our family won't give up or rest until he is charged with his death."

"Justice for Timothy Dean now!"

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