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Avril Lavigne Wants Kristen Stewart to Play Her in a Biopic

Avril Lavigne Wants Kristen Stewart to Play Her in a Biopic

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But who's going to play Melissa??

If you're wanting to cast a biopic about a talented, world-changing woman, look no further than Kristen Stewart.

Fresh off her Oscar-nominated role in the Princess Diana biopic Spencer, everyone wants Kristen Stewart to play them in the movie about their life. The latest person to request it might be a perfect fit, though.

Pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne was recently asked who she'd like to have play herself if there's ever a biopic of her life, and she gave a great answer.

"If there's a movie about your life, who would you like to play you," a reporter asked at the iHeartMusic Awards.

"I'm trying to think, Kristen Stewart would be cool to play me in a film," the rock star announced. "Yeah, she's dope, yeah!"

God, what a brilliant casting choice. Stewart has already rocked out as Joan Jett in the Runaways movie, so she has experience playing a young female rock star. Plus, with her recent Oscar nomination for playing Princess Diana in Spencer, she's kicking ass in the biopic department.

The only question left is who will play Melissa, the body double who replaced Avril after she "died" in 2003? Teresa Palmer, the Australian actress who starred in movies like Warm Bodies and Lights Out before joining the cast of A Discovery of Witches might be a good choice.

Of course, no biopic about Lavigne has been announced, but the fact remains it would make a great movie, and Stewart would make a great star.

Right now, Stewart is more focused on her personal life. After the Oscars this weekend, her next big project is getting married to her fiance Dylan Meyer. After two years of dating, the two became engaged late last year.

She's even said that she wants to hurry up and get married as soon as possible. On The Late Show she even said the couple might "just go do it this weekend or something."

"I'm not a good planner, I can't even make plans for dinner," she added. "I like to pivot, you never know where I'm going man."

To find out if Stewart wins her first-ever Oscar, tune into the Academy Awards this Sunday, March 27 at 5pm PT/8pm ET on ABC.

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