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TikTok Turned Troye Sivan's Foot Into a 'Hot, Sexy, Naked Ken Doll'

Troye Sivan on TikTok
TikTok (@troyesivan)

Watch his hilarious reaction here!

Where did his foot go!?

An AI filter turning TikTok users into anime characters has gone viral, and pop star Troye Sivan had the most hilarious use of it yet.

In a video uploaded yesterday, Sivan held up his foot to his face and snapped a picture. Predictably, it morphed Sivan into an anime character, but the surprise was what it did to his foot.

It turns out that the filter morphed his right foot into a fully nude man. Sivan's face expresses all of our shock at this turn of events.

TikTok promptly took down the video for violating Community Guidelines. Right after it was originally deleted, though, Sivan took to Instagram to protest the violation. The video was later reinstated, and his reaction is still hilarious.

"Just for the record," he began, "I showed the sole of my feet, which is not inherently against community guidelines, TikTok AI. You were the one with your mind in the gutter who decided to put a hot, sexy, naked Ken doll next to me to violate your own community guidelines."

He concluded, "If I get banned on TikTok 'cause of this, I'll see you in court."

No banishment yet!

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