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Anderson Cooper Playing With Andy Cohen's Son Will Make You Smile

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen's Son Benjamin

The perfect, momentary salve from this insane world.

There's a hell of a lot going on in the world right now. The government is purportedly doing all it can to produce and distribute vaccines (the jury is out on whether they are truly doing all they can,) people are doing what they can to access those vaccines, and people are questioning those that have gained access about how they've done it. This, on top of the world's other problems. But in the world of one Anderson Cooper, it's playtime!

Over quarantine, we've fallen in love with Daddy Cooper. The news host introduced us to his son Wyatt almost a year ago now. We've caught photos of Wyatt here and there, watched Cooper gush over his bundle of joy, and pored over every detail about the parenting arrangement he has with his ex Benjamin Maisani. Cooper has also made it clear that he hopes Wyatt develops a close friendship with the two-year-old son of his best friend Andy Cohen, Benjamin Allen. To foster that, the fathers have been setting up little play dates and the latest Instagram posts from those dates is full of the smile-inducing goo goo, ga ga, content we love.

First posted by Cooper's best friend Andy Cohen, Cooper and Benjamin appear running around a stuffed elephant. Cooper is clearly mimicking Benjamin in the most adorable way.

"Turns out, this is all the entertainment I ever needed!" Cohen wrote to Instagram. Same! Cooper reposted the video to his on Instagram account.

While Wyatt didn't appear in the video, he's gotten a little TV time recently. On National Read Across America Day, Cooper took to CNN to read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie to his 10-month-old.

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