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Watch Andy Cohen Sing the Praises of Gloryholes

Andy Cohen from WWHL

In addition to his new show on Quibi, Andy Cohen is still going at it with his show Watch What Happens Live. Currently in its quarantine iteration — Watch What Happens Live at Home — is still serving up Cohen's trademark with and humor. the latest moment? A tribute to gloryholes.

Over the last few months, various localities have been installing various guidelines to help minimize the transmission of the virus at the center of the ongoing global pandemic. One of the most discussed: bringing back the widespread usage of gloryholes. While some places like New York have implied it, recently the Canadian government has suggested it outright. This was cause for a Moment of Mazel from Cohen.

"It goes to the emerging hero in the nightmare known as the [ongling global pandemic,]" he said on this week's episode. "Move over Dr. Anthony Fauci because I am of course talking about gloryholes. That's right, gloryholes. If you haven't heard, the Canadian government is echoing the new York City Department of Health's recommendation that horny citizens use gloryholes as a way to limit face-to-face contact and swapping saliva during sex. Ok, this is wild.

"Canada is saying put your dick in a gloryhole," he continued. "I didn't say it, Canada said it. And while we are on the subject, gloryholes aren't just for banging, you could also use them for some good clean fun, as long as you wipe them down first. Just ask Judith Light." Producers then spliced in footage of Light form a previous episode of Watch What Happens Live where she played a game of sticking her hand into a gloryhole and guessing what was put into her hand.

"You might think a hole is a hole but this hole could save your life," Cohen continued. "The more you know."

Indeed, the more you know!

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