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Zaya, Child of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, Is on Instagram

Zaya Wade with Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade.

We’ve been seeing more and more of Zaya Wade, the 12-year-old child of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union-Wade, over the last few months. First it was exclusively through the Instagram pages of her parents. Then her father began to speak about her relationship with gender. Later, there was the big reveal when the pre-teen walked her first red carpet utilizing her new name. Now, Zaya Wade is on Instagram — with some parameters.

“Baby Steps,” the bio for the Instagram handle @ZayaWade reads. Recent photos posted to the Instagram profiles of her parents’ accounts have tagged the account, confirming that its her account. “Parents Run This, Consultation By Me.” And just like that, we are off to the races. 

The account only contains two posts now, both pulled from Zaya’s red carpet debut. In both, she wears the suit created by her in collaboration with the tailoring brand Richfresh. It is worth noting that, according to her father, Zaya chose the outfit's color palette based on the genderqueer flag. Comments on the new Instagram account have notably been limited, with only one post from Dhaveon Morris making it through. Morris is Zaya’s cousin.

Zaya’s reintroduction to the public has been gradual and years in the works. In interviews and posts, her parents have indicated researching as much as possible when Zaya told them that she wanted to be referred to with she/her pronouns and that she would like to be called Zaya moving forward. As a part of that process, the Gabrielle reached out to the Pose team, as that show centers trans women of color both in front of and behind the scenes. In addition, to update Zaya’s room they reached out to Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis who are family friends and the brains behind JSN Studio. The pair have since become Zaya’s godfathers.

With a family like that behind her, I don't think any of us are ready for Zaya Wade.

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