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'What Not To Wear’s Stacy London Comes Out, Shows Girlfriend

Stacy London on a red carpet.

Talk about a way to kick off the new decade.

While not everyone was able to have a New Year's kiss, it looks like one Stacy London did. The television personality and stylist took to Instagram for the turn of the decade to introduce the world to her girlfriend, musician Cat Yezbak, who is her "first serious relationship with a woman."

"Not that it's any of your business but ..." London started the post, which included a screenshot of a tweet speculating that she was seeing Yezbak. "I may as well address all the stuff I hear floating around out there." According to the post, the pair have been seeing each other for over a year.

"All my friends and family know her well," London continued. "I haven't paraded her around on social media for several reasons 1.) I've had public relationships before and I don't love that. But I want to be clear here that with Cat I felt I owed us the chance to be private since this is my first serious relationship with a woman and I'm sure there will be some hoo ha about that. But I would never hide out of shame."

In the post, London never specified a specific sexuality, only saying "I used to date men. Now I date her." She also took the opportunity to point out that her own coming out experience is not typical.

"It's really easy for me, a privileged white woman who is 50, to suddenly say 'I'm dating a woman' with very few repercussions and I am well aware of that," she wrote. "Unlike me, there are countless people in the LGBTQIAP community who have had no choice in who they are, no love from family on which to lean, no support from anyone anywhere. I fell in love, truly in love, with this beautiful, sexy, kind soul and I won't apologize for that but I stand on the shoulders of a community that fought like hell for me to be able to do that openly and proudly and EASILY."

Together, the pair are co-CEOs of Small Beautiful Things, a just-launched shop of "one-of-a-kind gifts, which range from the mid 1800s to the mid 1980s." Yezbak wrote to Instagram that the gifting service will be doing popup shops in 2020.

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