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Hannah Gadsby Says Louis C.K. Should 'Stop Feeling Sorry for Himself'

Hannah Gadsby Says Louis C.K. Should 'Stop Feeling Sorry for Himself'

"There's a path to redemption, he's just not taking it."

Hannah Gadsby doesn't think that Louis C.K. has done enough to address and atone for the sexual misconduct allegations made against him by many accusers in 2017.

The Australian comedian, whose Netflix comedy special Nanette has been nominated for two Emmy Awards, recently did an interview with IndieWire that touched on the Louie creator.

Speaking to staff writer Jude Dry, Gadsby says that while "there's a clear path to redemption, he's just not taking it."

"He is a joke now," she said. "And I think it's important to keep making that joke. He has not reassessed his position of power, and that is why he was able to abuse it. It's difficult to see a shift in your own power and privilege. It's not something we're trained to do. He still honestly thinks he's the victim in all of this."

To Gadsby, who is currently touring what will soon become her second Netflix comedy special, Douglas, C.K. is making the situation all about himself.

"He can stop feeling sorry for himself," Gadsby told IndieWire during a recent phone interview. "He's being self-indulgent and he's being a cry baby. That's not a path to redemption, that's just throwing a tantrum for the tantrum itself."

"You can apply it to anyone," she continued. "I just think there's an issue at large, and it goes across all issues of representation. I think because we think about men as the default, they don't know how to let other people talk about their experiences without centering themselves. And that runs deeper than two lonely comedians."

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