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Young Thug Thinks Lil Nas X Should Have Stayed in the Closet

Young Thug Thinks Lil Nas X Should Have Stayed in the Closet

Young Thug Thinks Lil Nas X Should Have Stayed in the Closet

An ally!

Viral rap sensation Lil Nas X celebrated Pride month by publicly confirming his sexuality, but according to Young Thug, he should've stayed in the closet. The senior rapper, who appears on the latest remix of "Old Town Road," was interviewed by No Jumper and had some...interesting comments when it came to the young hip hop star's coming out.

"He shouldn't have told the world because it's like, these days, motherfuckers, it's just all judgement. Motherfuckers just judging. It ain't even about the music no more," said Young Thug. "Once you found out he was gay, as soon as that song come on now, everybody's like, 'This gay ass n****'. N****s don't even care to listen to the song no more." Does Young Thug not know that "Old Town Road" is now the longest-running number one debut ever?

Probably sensing he'd said something he shouldn't have, Young Thug tried to backtrack, saying he was worried the younger rapper would face backlash for being open about his sexuality but that it "wasn't a bad idea, and it was most definitely the best time to do it, during Pride. That was the best time to do it. That was a G's move."

"But it's like, he's young, and I know what he's going to be dealing with in his mind," he continued. "I dealt with this shit before. I know what he's dealing with, so I was like, 'Fuck, he should never have said that'."

The idea that coming out is career suicide is an enduring notion in entertainment, one Lil Nas X spoke about himself, telling BBC News he considered taking the truth about his sexuality "to the grave." But he eventually realized he didn't "wanna live my entire life - especially when I just got to where I'm at - just not doing what I want to do. And I feel like I'm also opening doors for other people."

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