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Brad Pitt Allegedly Threatens Legal Action Over Straight Pride Parade

Brad Pitt Allegedly Threatens Legal Action Over Straight Pride Parade

Brad Pitt Allegedly Threatens Legal Action Over Straight Pride Parade

The group attempting to make a straight pride parade happen in Boston used the actor's image on their website.

Earlier this week, news broke that a group in Boston is attempting to make a straight pride parade happen, because its Boston and of course they are. The group is calling itself Super Happy Fun America -- it's too easy -- and have decided on a mascot for their endeavor: Brad Pitt, whose face could be seen on their website alongside the caption: "Congratulations to Mr. Pitt for being the face of this important civil rights movement."

But the actor, according to TMZ, is not happy about being used as the face of this frankly ridiculous and homophobic endeavor. "...sources close to Brad tell TMZ his team has reached out to the Straight Pride Parade organizers, demanding they stop using his name and likeness for their event. If they don't do it soon ... we're told further action could be taken."

Straight pride leader Mark Sahara has applied for a permit for the straight pride parade, and his website claims that "straight people are an oppressed majority," which is just fully not a thing. "We will fight for the right of straights everywhere to express pride in themselves without fear of judgement and hate."

The group also decreed that their parade deserves to have "the same parade route as the Boston Pride Parade [and] the same accommodations given for the LGBTQ+ parade."

While in Mayor Walsh's initial statement he merely said that the group had "not yet received the necessary permits to host a parade," he took to Twitter yesterday to "clear a few things up," claiming his own Pride I'm hosting Pride Week, which is happening currently.

"Permits to host a public event are granted based on operational feasibility, not based on values or endorsements of beliefs. The City of Boston cannot deny a permit based on an organization's values...This 'Straight Pride Parade' doesn't yet have a permit, but is working to amend their application for permits to host a public event...Whatever outside groups may try [to] do, our values won't change."

That kind of sounds like him saying straight pride might actually happen, Brad Pitt or not. Yikes.

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