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113 Vintage Pride Photos That'll Make You Laugh, Then Cry

Remember the big hair. Remember the fun. Remember the love. And most importantly, remember the ones we lost.

Christopher Makos: Photography From the '70s On

A career overview featuring mostly unseen work from every stage of the artist’s life, including Warhol, Minnelli, Lennon, Haring, Basquiat, and some dazzling male nudes.

Arlene Gottfried Shows the Dark Streets of 1980s New York

Opening September 12, Daniel Cooney Fine Art presents their 4th show of Gottfried's crusty, sexy, and uninhibited back rooms and night clubs of Lower East Side New York circa 1980.

109 Photos of IML Launching Leather, Love, and Sexual Freedom

On the 41st anniversary of the ever-evolving International Mr. Leather Contest, we join in the camaraderie of the full expression of sexuality and the freedom to expand the definition of kink.

104 Photos of Cher With Thousands of Nearly Naked Australian Men

And just about every LGBT person in Australia — all there to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

65 Photos Celebrating 65 Years of the Oldest LGBTQ+ Club in America

There was the Mattachine Society, Daughters of Bilitis, and One, Inc. but Houston’s Diana Foundation is the oldest continuously active LGBTQ+ organization in America. So they made a book!

50 Photos Capturing the Shape-Shifting, Mostly Naked, Mostly Male Body

Mike Esperanza's skills as a choreographer are evident in his rigorous demands on his naked male models.

Instagram Leads to Marriage in 33 Photos by Gigi Stoll

That adorable selfie can lead to drastic consequences — like marriage. Gigi Stoll follows the progress of her friends, Alon and Jonathan.

94 Photos of the First Latin American Pride, Held in Mexico City

An energetic collision of talent from around the world made this a party to be reckoned with.

77 Photos of the Fabulous Invasion of the Pines on Fire Island

On every Fourth of July for the last 42 years, hundreds don their best drag to remember a moment of liberation.

87 Photos of Contemporary Men, Classically Nude, by Anthony Timiraos

When Anthony Timiraos retired, he finally had time for his longtime passion of photography.

A Little Over the Edge: "Hot and Insane" Photos by Brett Lindell

Photographer Lindell swings back and forth between hot and insane, stately and slutty. Then there is all the ripped underwear.

The Brutal Beauty of Paul Peter (Photos)

Even the photo itself can become wounded in Paul Peter's process.

Chelsea Manning

113 Vintage Pride Photos That'll Make You Laugh, Then Cry

Remember the fun, remember who we lost, and remember the big hair.

111 Photos of Everyday Men At a Peak of Beauty

John Fink's portrait series, Real Men Real Life, depicts natural men, perfectly imperfect, just the way we like them.