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Ken Series Photographer Bringing Interactive Exhibit to New York

Photos by Courtney Charles

Photographer Courtney Charles has created a sexy series that deconstructs various stereotypes. Ken features male models in plastic form, giving them the doll treatment and representing social media facades in a hyper-realistic style. 

"With the Ken series, I hope to show that there isn’t just one common ideal of the modern man," Charles says. "Regardless of who you are, you can still be the 'plastic-perfect' version of yourself."

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This weekend, he brings his series to life with a pop-up interactive art exhibit. Produced by Christos Bakalexis of Match Bak Entertainment, the event features an inclusive cast of life-size Ken doll models, available for cute and colorful photo opps. It also includes a champagne social, so you can mingle with the dolls you never got to play with as a kid.

The Modern Ken takes place Saturday, October 13 at 515 Greenwich Street in Manhattan. Tickets are available online.



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