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New Book The Art of Being Suave Will Bring Out Your Inner Frenchman

New Book The Art of Being Suave Will Bring Out Your Inner Frenchman

The Art of Being Suave
Courtesy of Jean-Philippe Delhomme

From beach photos to berets, Gonzague Dupleix's chic guide helps you master your Francophile style.

From Jean-Paul Belmondo to Louis Garrel, Frenchmen have long possessed a certain je ne sais quoi that allows them to radiate style effortlessly. So why can Belmondo pull off a turtleneck sweater and not you? The answers to this and other age-old sartorial conundrums are dispensed like gold nuggets in Gonzague Dupleix's Suave in Every Situation (Flammarion), a Gallic-centric etiquette manual, illustrated with flair by Jean-Philippe Delhomme. Here, three choice tips to set you on the path to suavedom.


Should you tuck in your sweater?

"A model's main aim, considering the economic stake he represents, is to display clearly what he is wearing, which includes the belt. This--let's be realistic here--is not exactly the case with you."

What should you do with your arms in beach photos?

"Take inspiration from Michelangelo's David: one arm hangs, while the other, chest level, is in the middle of completing a task."

Can you wear a beret today?

"Wear the beret to the right, you're in the company of defenders and heroes; to the left, you're among poets; in the middle--you just look dumb."

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