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Larry Kramer’s Historical Outings

The Advocate Magazine

In his new doorstop, The American People: Volume 1, writer and activist Larry Kramer satirically reimagines the story of our nation up to the 1950s, devoting a nice chunk of the novel’s 800 pages to the homoerotic escapades of influential figures — like these ones.

George Washington
"They know, these fellows, that George is watching them from his bed. They doze off, but not so much as to be unaware of which of them George summons to his side and what sounds might then be forthcoming. It is all quite electric, this gay mess."

Abraham Lincoln
"Abe's final lover had been Captain David V. Derickson, of Company K, 150th Regiment, Pennsylvania...He was five feet nine inches tall, with a husky build, and at forty-four was nine years younger than the president, with whom he slept in the White House when Mary was not in residence."

John Wilkes Booth
"Among Speed's papers is a drawing identified as 'the penis of John Wilkes Booth.' The penis is markedly bent, so that it must have been awkward, even painful, for Booth to use it in normal positions of insertion."

Adolf Hitler
"Adolf was not interested in Gustl's body, although he was interested in Gustl's friend, Josef Neumann, a dark and handsome young Jewish art dealer, who bought several of Adolf's watercolors. They disappeared...Adolf and Josef, in Vienna, for the five-day period June 21-26, 1909. Hitler was then twenty, without that mustache, and not bad-looking at all."

The American People: Volume 1 is available in April.

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