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Evan Rachel Wood Thinks Mulan and Hercules Are Queer

Evan Rachel Wood Thinks Mulan and Hercules Are Queer

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"I think there’s a little bi energy going on there.”

Vocal bisexual and Frozen 2 star Evan Rachel Wood is giving the gays exactly what they want by speculating about which Disney characters she thinks are gay.

Wood was doing press for Frozen 2, in which she plays new character Queen Iduna, when she appeared on Variety and iHeart's Big Ticket podcast. When asked about the possibility of a queer protagonist in a Disney film, Wood said she thinks we've already seen a few.

"I'm still not convinced that we haven't already with Mulan and Hercules," she told host Marc Malkin. "Come on! Honestly Mulan is still up for debate. I think there's a little bi energy going on there."

Wood is right. Both Mulan and Li Shang were defintitely gay for each other when Shang still thought she was a man, and Mulan definitely has some non-cis gender feelings going on. If we're going there, those of us in the know can also see that Moana and her grandmother are trans women, Hector from Coco is clearly a bisexual drag queen, the fox Robin Hood is a trans man, and of course, Tiana and her "best friend," Charlotte, in The Princess and the Frog were more than just galpaling around.

But ever since the first Frozen came out in 2013, fans have wanted to know if Queen Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) was going to become the Mouse House's first canonically queer animated character. Not only does she give off huge Gay Energy with her magic fingers, but her signature song "Let it Go" has become an anthem for anyone who wants to embrace their true self.

In 2016, the campaign for Lesbian Elsa gained momentum when the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend hashtag went viral on social media. While she didn't get a girlfriend in this year's Frozen 2, rumors have popped up saying she'll get one in the as-yet-unannounced Frozen 3.

While some deny a next installment of the billion-dollar franchise is happening at all, Wood remains confident a canonically queer Disney protagonist isn't far off, whether it's the ice queen of Arendelle or not.

"It's gonna happen one day," she said. "We'll see. This is a huge part of Disney's fanbase. They're missing a golden opportunity." They definitely are.

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