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Dude, Here's My Gay: TV's 15 Best 'Brohags'

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bro • hag (n) - 1. A gay guy’s straight dude friend. 2. A straight dude who loves him some gays.

The friendship between a gay and his straight is a thing of beauty. From the adorable shared discomfort that comes with discussing each other's sex lives to helping one another get in touch with their respective gay or straight sides, the male fag hag -- or brohag -- is the homo's wingman in life. Truth be told, gay men and straight men haven't always been depicted as being the best of friends, with the majority of homophobia fueled by testosterone and insecurity. But being gay isn't such a big deal anymore and TV -- being a reflection of our lives and the times we live in -- has got some brohags that are straight up our gay ally.

So in that spirit, let's bro out with our mo's out to the best brohags on TV.

Jake Peralta - Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Though he's always clowning around, Peralta (Andy Samberg) doesn't take homophobia lightly, especially when it's directed at his beloved police chief, Capt. Ray Holt (Andre Braugher)

Jake 2

Danny Castellano, MD - The Mindy Project


The staunch conservative Catholic curmudgeon (Chris Messina) surprised everyone by being completely accepting of his gay younger brother, Richie (Max Minghella), who had what sounds like a fabulous childhood, thanks in large part to his big bro.

Danny 2

Lincoln Rice, DDS - Broad City


It's always nice to see the birth of a bromance, as was the case between Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) and Jaime (Arturo Castro), Ilana's (Ilana Glazer) boyfriend and roommate/drug dealer (respectively). You know shit's real when the Titanic references come out.

Lincoln 2

Anders Holmvik, Blake Henderson and Adam Demamp - Workaholics

These three bromigos have always skated the line between gay-friendly and just plain gay -- even stepping a few toes over the line in a recent, highly bromoerotic episode -- but to them, there's nothing better than two dudes shacking up. Except maybe three dudes.

Threeway gay

Asher Millstone, How to Get Away with Murder


Arguably the biggest bro on TV, Asher (Matt McGorry) has come a long way in his relationship with resident gay Connor (Outcover boy Jack Falahee). So far, in fact, that Asher was the first person with whom Connor shared his HIV results, leading to this totally cute moment.

Asher 2

Hakeem Lyon, Empire


While their father Lucious (Terrence Howard) is stuck in the dark ages when it comes to his views on homosexuality, Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) has been nothing but supportive of his older bro Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and was on hand to offer his congratulations when the latter came out publicly.

Hakeem 2

Phillip Gallagher an Kevin Ball - Shameless


Lip (Jeremy Allen White) has been younger brother Ian's (Cameron Monaghan) confidante since he found his secret stack of gay porn back in the first season. Meanwhile, local bar owner Kev (Steve Howey) is almost perpetually chill, so he was the obvious choice to diffuse a potentially heated situation with Ian's boyfriend, Mickey, who had just gotten into a bloody altercation with his homophobic father.


Homer Simpson, The Simpsons


Homer and The Simpsons have been credited with fostering a more accepting and inclusive atmosphere for LGBTs over the queer years and Homer has often been the conduit for that change, even becoming Springfield's designated same-sex wedding minister.

Homer Marry

Sterling Archer, Archer

Archer Ramon

Though his relationship with resident gay, Ray Gillette, may be fraught at times, Archer met a kindered spirit in Ramon Limon -- the object of his failed honeypot seduction -- who turns out, also has some serious mommy issues. Though Archer's attraction to Ramon might be a bit more than platonic.


Nick Miller - New Girl


Nick (Jake Johnson) could charm the pants off anyone, so it's no wonder that his gay co-bartender Mike (Ben Falcone) had a thing for the always agreeable Mr. Miller.

Nick and Mike

Charlie Kelly and Dennis Reynolds - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Charlie and Dennis

Having repressed his homosexuality all these years, Mac (Rob McElehanny) is totally anti-gay, to the chagrin of his best friends Charlie and Dennis, who really wish he'd just come out the closet already.

Sunny 1Sunny 2Freak out

Les Fabian Brathwaite -- don't hag me, bro.

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