One Year Later: Robbie Kaplan Discusses Landmark Windsor Case and What it Means for Women


By Jerry Portwood

'It's all about Edie, stupid'

It's been almost one year since Roberta Kaplan argued Windsor vs. United States before the Supreme Court. That date was March 27 (listen here), and since then, the landscape has changed in unfathomable ways that many couldn't have predicted. The AOL brand MAKERS has interviewed Kaplan about that landmark legal case, and in this video, she talks about why we "must take risks," and walks us through everything from why she took on Edith Windsor's case to how she feels today, nearly a year later. As she notes: Not only was the landmark case won by and for a woman, the entire legal team was comprised of women.

What may be most jaw-dropping for many is that, last March, only nine states permitted same-sex couples to marry. Today, post-Windsor, that number is 17.

Watch Roberta Kaplan in the video below: