Is The Duke of Burgundy, about S&M lesbian lovers, gay positive?

Peter Strickland's film about S&M lesbian lovers is a throwback to a different era. His next is going to be all-male ...

Je Suis Hernández and Taïa

Rich expressions of gay boyhood masterfully portrayed in Salvation Army and Nubes Flotantes

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Battle of the Butt Cheeks

J-Lo’s The Boy Next Door needs camp counseling

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The LGBT Films of Sundance 2015

Check out the 21 features, documentaries, and shorts that LGBT festival attendees will not want to miss.

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Xavier Dolan On Mommy Issues & Celine Dion

The 25-year-old French-Canadian filmmaker returns with his critically acclaimed feature film, Mommy

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10 Qs: Desiree Akhavan

The filmmaker and actress discusses Tila Tequila, looking like Freddie Mercury & Girls

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Need to Know: Trans Actress Michelle Hendley

The actress discusses her debut in Eric Schaeffer's new film, Boy Meets Girl

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When Is the Word 'Dyke' Appropriate?

Watch an exclusive clipe from Desiree Akhavan's Appropriate Behavior in which the issue is discussed.

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La Bonne Femme

Desiree Akhavan's Appropriate Behavior teaches John Waters 101

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Watch a Deleted Scene From Case Against 8

The Prop 8 documentary — still in the running for an Academy Award nomination — is now available on DVD.

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Cheyenne Jackson On His New Cabaret Show, Husband & Life: 'It's So Lovely'

Also: Patrick Stewart plays bi in film adaptation of Match

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4 Moons and the Best Gay Movies of 2014

Gay filmmakers lay claim to the mainstream

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Catching up with Tony Kushner

The playwright and screenwriter has enlightened our culture with everything from Caroline, or Change to Lincoln, but …

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Christine Baranski Enjoys a Challenge—No Matter the Size

The actress returns to her comedic and musical roots with her turn as Cinderella's Stepmother in Into the Woods …

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The Interview's Gay Secret

North Korea's totalitarian state falls before more-than-a-little-gay bromance (and Eminem trolling with his own 'coming …

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Giving Good Cerebrum

An informed look at queer intellectual Susan Sontag

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Out's Best Films of 2014

It was a strong year for queer cinema

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