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Exclusive: Meet the Phoenix Effect Team

Exclusive: Meet the Phoenix Effect Team

Photographer: Nate Jensen

West Hollywood's gay owned and operated Phoenix Effect has shaped many lives since it was founded in 2012. Now co-owner Beth Bishop is set to revitalize the life-changing regimen of workouts as Phoenix Effect Bootcamp. To get the word out, the Phoenix Effect Team — which includes Bishop, Seth Browning, Frank Mentier, Joel Harrison, Vincent Packard, Colt Prattes, and CJ Brenton — posed for an eye-catching ad that shows off their chiseled physiques. The billboard will appear this month above La Cienega and Melrose boulevards. 

>>>Check out the exclusive behind the scenes images from the shoot below and on the following pages.

Shoot location in Bel-Air. Not so shabby…
Phoenix Effect owner and trainer Beth Bishop gettin' her herrrr done.
Seth and Frank. The team that masks together…

Creative Director and Phoenix Effect instructor Frank Mentier trying not to pull his hair out.
Vinnie, don't throw Seth in the pool! He just got out of makeup!

Joel, Vinnie & Seth.  Hottie Selfie Alert!

The men of The Phoenix Effect.

Taming the mane…

Beth and her Farrah bangs. And her boys, CJ and Joel.

Listen up, ladies. Beth is amazingly hot, but taken!  Lucky girl!

Rocky!!! Every photo shoot needs a dog, right?

Frank heating up the monitors!
Getting set up
The final ad campaign. Photo by INN8creative.com
PHOTO SHOOT CREATIVE DIRECTOR:  Frank Mentier. PHOTOGRAPHER:  Nate Jensen. HAIR:  Jesse Jordon. MAKEUP: Jeffrey Scott. WARDROBE: Allan Troy Watson